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August 17, 2020
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Avoid These Common Gardening Mistakes

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You have a dream, a dream of the perfect garden. And money is no object in that dream. But in reality, the costs of creating the garden of your dreams can take a lot of your hard-earned money and the finished landscape may require continuous cash outlay to keep it perfect.The following are some of the mistakes people make when trying to create lovely landscapes without thought to the money needed to make the vision a reality.1. Trying to go too big.Start small - create either one area or layer every summer. Perhaps you tackle the narrow area on the side of your house first. Then the next year you makeover the back corner. Or think layers; one year you add the hardscape such as stepping stones, rock walls or raised beds, and the next you add the trees and plants. Following that will be the ground cover, yard ornaments and a hammock. This way you can control costs and you're able to have a handle on what you're doing. Anyone who has brought home plants from the nursery and then failed to plant them knows what I mean.2. Planting big plants too close together.Yes, you have a vision, but you don't have to have it perfect right away. Be patient and start with small plants. It's less expensive and you'll give them a chance to get established and grow down good roots. You can always fill in later when the plants are more mature with groundcover and annuals. When you plant too close together, you're going to be spending a lot of time constantly pruning bushes back or you'll be paying someone else to do it. 3. Including a pond. Frankly, a pond can look pretty amateurish if you do it yourself so that means you'll have to hire a specialist to create then install the pond. That can be pretty pricey. On top of that, you've got to stock the fish, feed the fish, replace the fish that get eaten by predators, maintain the pond, the plumbing and the electricity, plant water vegetation and maintain that, etc.4. Planting the wrong things.Not only are mature plants and trees costly to buy, they're heavy. That means you could risk the cost of an emergency room visit when you throw your back out, or you have to pay for a delivery truck and strong men to plant them. What's even worse is planting things that don't grow well in your area. Just because you see them newly arrived at the nursery in spring doesn't mean they'll really do okay in your microclimate. Selling plants is a commercial business after all. Do your research and find out what grows best where you live. 5. Skimping on a watering system.If you're going to spend money, this is where you do it. A good watering system is an important part of keeping your shrubs, trees, and flowers alive. Unless you live where you can count on consistent rain throughout the summer, invest in an irrigation system that will water at the time you set, as long as you want it to, on the days you prefer, and has a sensor that will allow it to stop watering when it's raining. Honestly, you won't get out there and hand-water all summer long despite your best intentions and all the money you sunk into your greenery will be wasted.It's okay to dream big, but start small. Do what makes sense, yet be patient. Your perfect garden should evolve over time. It's easier on the budget and will be more what you want. Oh, and avoid including a pond.


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