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August 21, 2020
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Bored with the blank walls in your back garden?

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Why not transform them into vertical gardens instead. Picture a wall that is filled with flora and fauna adding a beautiful display to your garden area. It's easy to create vertical gardens outside of your home thanks to a revolutionary wall mount system. Your vertical gardens begin life as a module into which you place good quality compost. Plant the flowers or climbers of your choice and the module can be fitted direct to supporting brackets that have been fixed securely to the supporting wall. Modules can be linked together so you can create massive vertical gardens that add colourful displays to the exterior areas of your home.

Urban gardens brought to life

You might not think you have the room in your back garden to flood it with colour but the walls can become vertical gardens where stunning displays are created. Fix a number of modules into position on the walls of your garden and your vertical gardens will add instant appeal. The vertical gardens are so easy to create and they can be used throughout the year. It was once a bland wall but now it can become a fine floral display with vertical gardens running the full length. Look out of your dining room window at the moment and picture the walls of your garden completely altered with vertical gardens. Urban gardens are often short on space and this makes them the perfect setting to become vertical gardens.

Reach for the skies

Use vertical gardens to brighten up dull garden areas. Create stunning floral tributes on any wall of your choosing and give your garden a cheery makeover. Inject some much needed colour in areas where you thought it was impossible to grow flowers. Modules are simple to install and when they are sectioned together you can create vertical gardens that reach from the floor to the top of the wall. Perfect for patios, vertical gardens are simple to maintain and they can provide you with so much joy whether you fill them with a range of flowers, or your favourite foliage.


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