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November 18, 2020
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Weathervanes - Let The Winds Of Style Blow On Your House Or Garden

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Who doesn't look outside to see what the weather is like? Is it sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy? Besides just eyes an important weather tool that has been used for centuries is the weathervane. From the Tower of the Winds in ancient Greece to barns in America's Midwest weathervanes have been perched atop the highest buildings to help the people predict the weather.

In addition to foretelling the coming winds weathervanes have now become a way to decorate your home with classic style. And depending on where you live they are adorned with varying creatures and items. For example if you live on the coast you'll find weathervanes with ships, whales and other nautical things. If you live in farm country you'll find weathervanes with roosters, horses and even cows. Nowadays you can even get one with your favorite college team.

Try perching them atop a cupola for added height and beauty. A cupola might even add balance to your roof if spaced evenly with the chimney or it might just help break up its expansive size. If you want to break from the tradition of the rooftop weathervane you can also put them in the garden. Imagine a fairy peeking up between some tall flowers or a dragonfly weathervane by the pond.

No matter what type of weathervanes you are looking for you will most definitely find a better selection shopping online than in your local home and garden stores. Shop from the comfort of your own home and find the weathervane that perfectly captures your style. Choose from a majestic eagle in flight, a mighty sailing ship or Bucky the Wisconsin badger and with a few clicks your new weathervane will be on its way to your door.

Choose your weathervane and become a part of a storied tradition that stretches from ancient Greece to the churches of Rome and to the farms of America. You'll not only love the distinguished beauty weathervanes add to your home, but you will also enjoy using one to decide if it is a good time for a round of golf or a long bike ride on winding country roads. Once you have and use one at your home you'll want a weathervane at your lake house too.

Usually made from copper your weathervane will gleam in the sun and eventually turn to a gorgeous blue green patina. You can also buy them presaged or go for weathervanes made of rust proof aluminum that can be black, verdigris or rust colored. So you can choose the shape or style of weathervane you want as well as the color. There are even ones like the earliest weathervanes that were banners or flags that are decorated with colored glass.

You'll have just as much fun shopping for your new weathervanes as you will gazing at them every day. So start searching today and transform your home and/or yard from boring and drab to truly striking and distinctive. You'll wish you had more roofs or gardens to decorate with weathervanes in all shapes and finishes.


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